Graylon L.L.C. offers Instrumentation Air Packages ranging from 5 hp to 350 hp suitable for safe and hazardous area classifications. Below is an example of a Duplex Instrument Air Package offering.



  • Rotary Screw Type
  • 200 psig design pressure
  • Load / No Load Control
  • Combination Air/ Oil cooler- Air cooled
  • Dry type intake filter with micro dry 10 micron filter cartridge
  • Spin on type oil filter
  • Spin on air oil separator cartridge
  • Visual Oil Separation indicator sight glass
  • Oil suction check valve prevents oil from discharging trough intake filter after compressor shutdown
  • Minimum pressure/ check valves maintain internal pressure for proper oil circulation and prevent back flow of compressed air through the compressor
  • Oil thermostatic valve maintains optimum compressor operating temperature
  • Full flow pressure relief valve set at 200psi

Wet Air Receiver

  • 200 PSIG design pressure typical
  • ASME coded vessel with CRN#
  • 2.5″ dial liquid filled pressure indicator
  • Full flow pressure relief valve set at 150psi
  • Automatic drain trap

Air Dryer

Heatless Regenerative Air Dryer with a wide variety of inlet capacity typically provides outlet dew points down to -40c . Typically dual tower design, dry desiccant type.

  • Purge exhaust mufflers
  • Full flow pressure relief valves for both towers
  • Tower Pressure Indicators, SS, Liquid Filled
  • Pre-Filter with automatic drain (.008ppm)
  • After Filter (1.0 Micron)
  • Initial fill of desiccant
  • Color change moisture indicator
  • 3 valve bypass
  • 316 stainless steel tubing and 316 ss fittings
  • ASME coded vessels with CRN#
  • Microprocessor controller for dryer timing 120 VAC/ NEMA 1CSA
  • Energy saving module-adjustable cycle timing
  • Design Pressure 200PSI

Compressor Drive

Two anti-static v-belt drive utilizing high capacity v-belts. Belt guard closed, both sides typically installed.


230/460, 3phase 60hz TEFC electric motor with adjustable slide bases for belt tension adjustment

Safety Shutdowns

  • Pressure switches for lead/lag control
  • High temperature shutdown switch / temperature indicators


The assembly will be completely prepiped.  All pipe and pipe nipples will be carbon steel ASTM A-106 grade B. All screwed fittings will be forged steel ASTM-105, 3000#rating. Tubing will be 316 SS with 316 stainless steel fittings. Piping will be Sch.80 and in accordance with ASME B31.3