GLACT2.152Graylon, L.L.C. offers cost effective solutions for precision measurement of liquid hydrocarbons. L.A.C.T. units are critical for transfer of ownership from production lease to pipeline or truck loading applications.  Below are some of the basic components that are used to ensure that merchantable oil is transferred at the highest accuracy

  • Charge Pump – Required to move liquid from lease holding tanks to shipment pump.  Flow rates, Net Positive Suction Head and design pressures help determine pump sizes.
  • Drive Motor– Used to drive charge pump selected on area classification, break horse power. Important features include drive coupling, guard and alignment.
  • Temperature Measurement-Continuous temperature measurement during loading and verification during proving is required to adjust net total delivery.
  • PLC – Used to totalize oil quantity , sample pacing, meter proving, meter alarms, start and stop unit, display high and low alarms, BS&W status, divert controls, flow rate, differential pressures  and other critical controls , shutdown alarms.
  • Meter – Used to measure volume (barrels). Typically Positive displacement or Coriolis types are used. Oil quantity is totalized in local flow computer or PLC.
  • Strainer – Strainers are used upstream of the charge pump to protect pump from debris and downstream of the pump prior to meters to help facilitate removal of entrained air or vapor from liquid stream.
  • Vapor / Air Eliminator – Removes entrained air or vapor from liquid stream. Air in the liquid stream will be included in metered volume and sold as oil if not removed. It is critical to remove air to prevent damages caused by overspinning positive displacement meters



  • BS&W Monitor – Used to detect water and sediment presence in oil.  This device will send signal to actuate three way divert valve when non merchantable oil is detected.  Non spec oil will be sent back to holding tanks for further processing.
  • Static Mixer -Crude is passed through mixing elements to ensure uniform representation of bulk liquid stream required for sampling system.
  • Sample System – Representative samples of flowing oil stream are required over the specified time period. This is achieved by using a probe actuated by solenoid or pneumatic system and a sample container. Sample container shall be designed to prevent vaporization of stored sample, and comes furnished with mixing pump, spray bars, pressure relief valve, gauges and various other accessories.
  • Divert Valve-Three way valve used to divert in several situations. Typically actuated if sediment or water becomes greater that 1%, sample prover fails or high alarm is detected crude will divert back to holding tanks. Meter failure
  • Proving Connections – Meters must be proved periodically to ensure accuracy.  Using a manifold oil is diverted out of the system to proving meter and back into the system using cam lock fittings. Total oil quantity is checked to ensure merchantable oil complies with American Petroleum Institute standards.
  • Grounding System– Transport vehicles should be properly tied to ground before and during loading operation.
  • Piping – All piping shall be designed and fabricated in accordance with ASME B31.4. The piping design pressure shall be equal to or greater than the design pressure rating of the flange class used.

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