We offer standard Designs for both pressure and vacuum applications as well as custom engineered packages designed to your specifications:  for water, waste water, pneumatic conveying, coalbed methane recovery and various other industries.  Our packages are shipped assembled, and painted with factory acceptance testing information.Blower Package 75.147

Heavy-Duty Base Frame – Each Blower unit comes with heavy-duty base that allows for easy access for maintenance, and installation. Precision cut steal is used to ensure proper alignment of motors either direct coupled or on adjustable motor mount.

Adjustable Mounts –  used to align motors and properly tension belt drive.

Enclosed Drive Guard – Personnel safety is critical to the success of your operations. During inspection of belts or couplings a precision laser cut window ensures visibility without compromising assets. Quick access design reduces downtime during routine maintenance.

Blower- Pressure and Vacuum models available.  Please contact us so that we can help size a package tailored for your specific application.

Drive Motor – IEC or NEMA motors available mounted on isolation pads to reduce vibration.  Special voltage requirements and explosion proof models available.

Inlet Filter Silencer (Pressure applications) – Reducing sound emissions and protecting blower from debris. Outdoor rated models are available with rain hood

Flex Connections – Isolates blower vibrations from package.

Discharge Silencer (absorptive type) – Reduces discharge sound emissions. Designed with minimum pressure drop to maximize blower performance.

Pressure Relief Valve – Mechanical relief valve properly sized to protect high discharge pressure damages.

Aftercooler (Optional) – decreases output temperature for heat sensitive materials

Liquid Filled Gauge – furnished with snubber and petcock valve

Weatherproof Enclosure- available upon request